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An EQWatcher skin is just like your own skin.  Your skin covers up your insides and makes you look good, and EQWatcher skins cover up the insides and can make it look good too.  Skins can have their own features, and likewise can leave features out.  They can look and feel completely different.

To load a new skin, right click on the EQWatcher window (or the icon in the system tray, if EQWatcher is minimized) and select "Load Skin".  From there, you can navigate to other skin directories and load a new skin.  The default skin is found in EQWatcher Advanced\skins\default and the file to load is "eqwatcher.skn".  Currently, there are no other skins included with the download.  Other skins when they are made (they can be made by anyone with the will to do it, and it's as easy as making a couple pictures and counting pixels) will be found in the User Contributions section of the EQWatcher web site (www.eqwatcher.com).