EQWatcher Evolution > Skin Development > Skin Definition File (.skn)

EQWatcher's skin definition file, which has the extension .SKN, is a very simple text file.  The entire file follows the same basic format: NAME = VALUE.  For example, directly from the default skin: Mask =EQWatcher Mask.gif

Whitespace (extra spaces, tabs) is ignored, and all keywords other than control names are not case sensitive.

There are 7 basic NAMEs the system uses that are not for controls: MASK, NORMAL, DOWN, OVER, DISABLED, ESCAPE, DRAGRECT.

Control NAMEs must begin with a specific prefix for each type, and must be in capital letters (with exceptions for controls that do something like execute an alias or open a URL).  Here are recognized prefixes: BUTTON_, CHECK_, EDIT_, LABEL_ (same as text), PROGRESS, SLIDER_, TEXT_ (same as label).  Examples: BUTTON_EXIT, CHECK_VERSION, EDIT_COMMAND.

Controls use special parameters as their VALUE.  These parameters take this form: NAME{VALUE}.  Notice the parameter VALUE is surrounded by {} brackets.  Some parameters do not have their own values to set, and therefore do not need to have any brackets (examples: HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL, TABSTOP).  Multiple-value parameters use comma as their separator, like: NAME{VALUE,VALUE,VALUE}.  Parameters are also separated by commas, like: NAME{VALUE,VALUE,VALUE},NAME{VALUE}.  Most parameters are optional and have default values. 

Here is a complete list of every parameter name and values required by that parameter.  Any given control type can accept any of these parameters, but only specific ones are used per control type, and some parameters are required for specific controls.

For examples, open EQWATCHER.SKN in your EQWatcher Advanced\skins\default directory.