EQWatcher Evolution > Scripting  > EQWASC Front-End

EQWatcher Evolution now includes a simple front-end for its compiler.  The compiler front-end can be run from the Start Menu by selecting "EQWatcher Script Compiler" in the EQWatcher Evolution section.

By default, all that is required to re-compile the core script is to start the front-end, and hit the compile button.  If that's not all you want to know, read on :)

The main window shows two grayed-out edit boxes that contain the filenames to work with.  The top box of course is the input file, as it says, and the bottom box is the output file, as it also says.  To select the files, hit the "Browse..." button to the right of the corresponding box.  By default, the core script is selected.  When you select a new input file, the program will default to an output filename matching it, except in the main EQWatcher directory.  You can select the filename and destination yourself after this if you wish.  Input files are source code, and output files are compiled scripts.  When you are ready to compile, simply hit the Compile button.  The compiler itself will open a new window and show some output.  Based on this output you will see whether or not the script was successfully compiled (it will say "Script written to disk." as one of the last couple lines).

This is pretty much all you need to know to use the graphical interface to the compiler.