EQWatcher Evolution > Scripting  > EQWASC Command Line Compiler

The compiler itself is fairly simple.  The syntax is as follows:

EQWASC [source] [output] [EQWA directory optional]

Both of the parameters must be given.  If your parameters include spaces, they MUST be contained in quotation marks or the parameters will not be interpreted correctly.

If the EQWA directory parameter is not given, the compiler must be run from the EQWatcher directory and the directory information will be retrieved from the options file.  If your options file has incorrect information please fix it by starting EQWatcher and manually selecting the correct directory.

All source files are expected to be in the same directory, which is defined in the source parameter.  If not found in the source directory, the EQWatcher Evolution\source\ path is searched.  If it is in neither of these two directories, and the file "includes.txt" exists in the directory EQWASC is started from (generally the main EQWA directory), each path given in this file is searched, in order, until the sources are exhausted or until it is found.

If you type "EQWASC source\core.eas core.eac" it will be looking in the source directory for core.eas and all of the #include files.  The output file can be in another directory, which is defined in the output parameter.  If you type "EQWASC source\core.eas c:\core.eac", core.eac will be written to c:\.  You do not need to supply the .EAS or .EAC extensions, EQWASC will apply them automatically for you if no "." is seen in your filename. 

I suggest not leaving all of your own scripts in the "source" directory, but rather put them in your own "scripts" directory or something.  The core script source and compiled core.eac will be replaced by each new version, so if you make modifications to it I suggest keeping it backed up in another location.  You do not need to use the core.eac provided, but core.eac will always be loaded when EQWatcher Evolution starts (note:  This is no longer completely true.  By DEFAULT, core.eac will always be loaded.  The Script Management system can be used to change this.).  Feel free to remove features you do not wish to use, or make any modifications to suit your needs.