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An EQWatcher constant is a string value that cannot be changed, hence being constant.  Numbers can be considered constant as well, but since it's silly to use a 32-bit number to reference another 32-bit number, they are used directly instead.  See the Identifiers section for information on constant numbers.  Constants are used similarly to variables, but are limited in that they may not be modified.

To be interpreted as string data, you must use quotation marks around the text, like ""hello"".  Anything outside of quotation marks will not be interpreted as a string.  See the control characters explanation below for how to use quotation marks within strings.

A constant is defined as follows (All non-variable strings used in EQWatcher Evolution script commands are converted to constants whether they are defined this way or not.):

constant [name] "[text]";

For example:

constant Super "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious";

This example would allow you to use the word Super instead of typing out "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" each time.

Control Characters

The EQWatcher Evolution script compiler allows the use of control characters if you wish to use a quote character in your string constant, as well as for using the control character itself.  "\"" directs the compiler to insert a quote, and not treat it as the end of the string.  Therefore "\"Hello\"" makes a constant with the data ""Hello"".  "\\" directs the compiler to insert a single backslash.  Therefore "C:\\program files\\eqwatcher advanced\\" becomes "c:\program files\eqwatcher advanced\" when it is compiled.  "\n" directs the compiler to insert a carriage return and line feed (an example of this use is seen in simplechat.eas).