EQWatcher Evolution > Scripting  > Breakpoints

Breakpoints are ultimately used for "debugging", the process by which problems in code are resolved.  The EQWatcher Evolution Script Language uses a script command (BreakPoint()) to mark breakpoint locations.  When this command is run by the interpreter (EQWatcher Evolution itself), a window will pop up with information that might be useful.

The Breakpoint window shows the current script, current function, last log file line, last note file line in the top half of the window.  The bottom half contains a complete list of accessible variables (listed by scope: local, script, public).

When a variable is selected in the list on the left half of the Variable section, the information to the right of the list is updated.  This information displays the data type, integer values (the left value shows how the number would be interpreted as unsigned, and the right value shows how the number would be interpreted as signed), and string values.  All of this variable information (all except the name and the scope) can be modified by changing the data and clicking Modify.

When using this window, you will notice "extra" variables in most functions.  These are created by the compiler and used in various expression handling.  They are nothing to worry about.