EQWatcher Evolution > Is This Safe? > All your password are belong to .... you.

The second question that comes to any game player's mind is this: Is this program really just a method to steal all of our gaming accounts?!

I don't think I even need to answer this question anymore.  EQWatcher has been widely used since August of 2001.  I never had any such intention and there have been no reports of this. The EQWatcher Message Board (old: EQWatcher Message Board) has been a tool popularly used by EQWatcher users themselves, feel free to browse that.  Any paranoid folks I invite you to test EQWatcher against all of your favorite firewalls and security breach testing software.  EQWatcher is a program I've created for the EQ community (and now extending to other communities) free of charge and there's nothing but excellent feedback from the user base.  It really doesn't matter to me if one or two people believe I'm a crazed maniac trying to collect passwords, but it's a really good ego boost to see the thousands of people visiting my site and using my software.  It's every programmer's dream to make something useful to a large amount of people, so thanks to the dedicated users of EQWatcher for that, and I will be continuing to make EQWatcher better and more user friendly as time goes on.