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Installing Text-to-Speech is OPTIONAL. 

There are two routes to take to use Text-to-Speech with EQWatcher.  One is Microsoft Speech API 5.1, and the other is Microsoft Agent (which actually uses Speech API 4).  Here is a brief rundown of both:

Speech API 5.1

Microsoft Agent

To install SAPI 5.1, download and install from this link: Speech SDK 5.1 (68 MB). Once installed, there will be a "Speech" section in your Windows Control Panel.  You can pick the default voice in the Text-to-Speech tab (I think there's like Microsoft Sam and Microsoft Mary by default?).  Please note that if all you hear from EQWatcher or any other TTS application is "blah blah blah blah" that you need to visit the Speech control panel and switch to a voice other than "Sample TTS Voice", which only says "blah" and very nicely too.  There you can set the speed of the voice as well.

To install Microsoft Agent, follow this link: Microsoft Agent Downloads.