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Default Functionality (for EverQuest)

I'm sure you're wondering what exactly this thing will do if all you do is install it and click the options on the window as described above, and play your game.  Today's your lucky day, I'm about to tell you what, without touching a thing, without using any jibba jabba commands, without using any craaaaaaaazy programmer talk, this thing will do for you.  If you don't like something that goes on by default, or if you want something new to happen then it will be time to learn some jibba jabba and read on through the documentation (and if you're lucky, then all you need is the EQWatcher commands and you won't have to slam your head on the table repeatedly because you can't figure out the crazy programmer talk script kung fu).  Keep in mind that this functionality will ONLY work if EverQuest is set to log the chat windows to file.  Here is a fairly good list of what EQWatcher will do for EverQuest without changing a thing...

That's just about it.  All of this is completely customizable because of how EQWatcher is designed, so you will see many different variations on the core functionality as time goes by.  If you have the guts, you could even make your own variations.

To change any of that default functionality, please open and edit the file CORE.INI.  You will find useful information within.


Version Checking

EQWatcher Evolution has "Version Check" functionality, which simply connects to the EQWatcher web site and looks at the main web page to determine if there is a newer version of EQWatcher available.  Please note that no information is actually SENT (although every web browser has a name including the temporary one EQWA uses), a number found within the main web page is compared to a number stored in the EQWatcher Evolution program.  This feature is added for your convenience, but may be disabled by checking the box that says "disable Version Checks".  If the feature is left enabled you will see a message on the main window as well as a spoken message.

The version check runs exactly once each time you start EQWatcher Evolution.


The first thing to remember when getting started with EQWatcher Evolution and EverQuest is to make sure to turn on your chat log.  Since EQWA is a text parser, it needs something to parse.. for EverQuest, this is specifically the EQ log files and notes file.  EQWatcher provides a method for this for you.  By right-clicking on EQWatcher and selecting Game->Turn on Logging to File, your eqclient.ini file will be edited to say LOG=TRUE rather than LOG=FALSE, and will therefore permanently turn this option on for you in EQ.  The other method is to type "/log" every time you log in to EQ (but be warned that most addons require logging be permanently enabled).

You should regularly check the size of your EQ log files to make sure they have not grown too large for your liking.  These are found in your EQ directories and look like "eqlog_xx_charname.txt".  If you want to delete one to save space, it is best to close EQWatcher first (although it should be ok if you don't).


The next consideration is for those who use Winamp (the mp3 player).  If you don't use it then you can ignore the "Default Winamp Volume" and "Synchronous sounds" settings, and skip down to Starting EQ. 

The Default Winamp Volume setting is the volume you wish Winamp to normally remain at while you are playing EQ (generally 100%).  This is hidden on the default skin, so you will have to open up EQWA.INI (found in the EQWatcher Advanced directory/folder) and change the line that says Volume under the Winamp heading.

The Synchronous sounds preference will tell EQWatcher what to do with Winamp during a synchronous sound.  There are two types of sounds used in EQWatcher, synchronous and asynchronous.  Synchronous sounds are meant to play without being interrupted by another sound.  These are the sounds that, in general, you'd rather not miss (for example, if you want EQWA to tell you which direction you are heading you probably don't want it to get interrupted and say north instead of northwest).  Asynchronous sounds, on the other hand, are sounds that are allowed to be interrupted.  These are sounds that aren't so important (for example, a sound that plays when someone says something over guild chat).  EQWatcher can help you not miss synchronous sounds by lowering the Winamp volume to a specified level (default 60%, move the slider to change it) or by pausing it temporarily.

Starting EQ

If you would like EQWatcher to automatically start EQ when EQWA is started, check the "Auto-Play on Startup" box.  If you don't want this to happen automatically, but you would like to be able to start it yourself easily, you can use the "Play" button.  Obviously the remaining choice is to start EQ the old fashioned way :)

Protection and Privacy

For your protection and privacy, there are also options for restricting file access by EQWatcher Addons (more on these later) as well as internet access.  By default, NO internet connections are allowed, and file access is restricted.  When file access is set to restricted mode, ONLY files within the EQWatcher Evolution directories can be accessed, and access to .EXE, .LIB, .EQW, .PG, .EAC, .EAS, .EWS, and .ISU type files, as well as the EQWA.INI file that stores these settings, is denied (basically only non-critical files that are within your EQWatcher Evolution directory can be accessed).  There are two options for internet connection restrictions, incoming and outgoing.  If you check "Let Addons connect to internet services", then addons will be allowed to connect to other computers.  If you check "Let Addons host internet services", then other computers will be allowed to connect to your computer.  I do not *ever* recommend running addons that do not include the original source code, even with these options protecting you.

I will also note that I have not seen a single addon written that tries to do anything terrible...