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Note: If you are installing EQWatcher Evolution for a game other than EverQuest, please see the section for that game on how to set up EQWatcher.

There's really nothing to installing EQWatcher Evolution.  Just run the installer, hit next a couple times, voila you have an installed EQWatcher Evolution.  If you installed EQ on your computer from the CD using their installer, and you haven't moved EverQuest since, you won't even have to worry much about the installation process.

Conversely, if you used an alternate method (copying from another computer for example) of installing EQ, EQWA might have trouble finding it on its own.  If this happens, you must select the EQ directory manually.  If EQWA does not detect an installation directory for EQ, the first time you run EQWA a window will pop up for you to select the directory.  You may be slightly confused since all it is is a file open window that looks for eqmain.dll, but all you need to do is navigate to wherever you have EQ installed and hit open.

The EQWatcher window can show you what directories it is currently using for both EQ and EQWatcher.  If either is incorrect, simply click on the button and navigate to the right place.  If you are using the default skin, these are found by pressing the EQWatcher Options button or the Plugin/Game Options button.

NOTE: You do not need to do ANYTHING after installing EQWatcher Evolution for it to use the default functionality!  Just run it and make sure EQ is set to log.  A list of default features is shown at the bottom of the "Getting Started" section. 

After installing, please see the "Getting started" section and read all of it.