EQWatcher Evolution > Installation > Configuring Winamp

Winamp is not required to use any part of EQWatcher.  Support for Winamp control is for convenience of listening to MP3s while playing.  That said, read on about how to make sure it wont skip or cause problems while playing.

Note: The newest release of Winamp has different settings than the ones described here.  It may default to using DirectSound rather than waveOut.

If you have trouble using the Winamp play 'mp3' command, make sure your "Read titles on . . ." setting is set to read titles on LOAD. 

One thing to be mentioned about using Winamp behind EQ in the background is that Winamp defaults to using the waveOut output plug-in.  If you have no problems with this (such as not hearing Winamp while playing EQ, or the sound being broken up), this is perfectly fine.  You still will need to make sure you have the Winamp waveOut output plug-in's volume control setting enabled, and in "Alt setting mode".  To check this, go into your Winamp Preferences and under the Plug-ins heading select Output.  Click "Configure" on the selected plug-in (which is currently assumed to be waveOut).  I suggest setting the buffer length slider to at least 4000ms and the Priority setting 1 or 2 to the right (Above Normal or Highest).  Make sure Volume control is enabled and Alt setting mode is on.

If you have problems with the Winamp waveOut output plug-in you should try using the DirectSound plug-in.  Select the DirectSound plug-in and hit Configure.  I recommend having Volume control enabled, Main buffer length a little less than 5 seconds, "Create primary buffer" disabled, and DirectSound polling delay as low as 5ms.