EQWatcher Evolution > The Basics > Winamp Module

The Winamp module handles all of the commands used to manipulate Winamp.  These include "Winamp play" "Winamp back" "Winamp next" "Winamp pause" "Winamp stop" "Winamp repeat" "Winamp random"  "Winamp play '[search string]'" and "Winamp save playlist"

These commands are very basic.  The repeat command toggles Winamp's continuous play mode, and the random command toggles Winamp's mode that randomly selects the next MP3 rather than play the list in order.

Please note that if you change Winamp's playlist while EQWatcher is active, the play by search string command may not work correctly.  This is because Winamp does not automatically save its playlist on changes, and EQWatcher uses the saved playlist to search for the song you want.  Use the "Winamp save playlist" command to tell Winamp to save its playlist, and this problem will be corrected.

The search string is not case sensitive, and each word (or partial word) given to match must be present in any order.  Therefore "OnE LlIcA MeTa" and "Metallica One" will both find "Metallica - One" in your playlist.