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EQWatcher Evolution has a two main methods of accepting your commands.  These are a) the EQWatcher Evolution Window and b) Game-specific.  Another method is through a commands file, which is simply a text file containing multiple commands.  Regardless of the method used, each and every command you give is compared to all of the commands recognized by EQWatcher Evolution (which are known as Aliases).

To give an EQWatcher command from the main EQWA window, type your command command (such as "winamp play" or "speak hi my name is bob") into the command entry box and hit enter.  On the default skin, this is the long box at the bottom of the window.

Most EQWatcher Evolution commands have associated sounds that may be used to determine if your command was entered correctly.  If you hear no sound, you can generally assume that the command was entered incorrectly.  EQWatcher commands are not case sensitive, so "Play" is the same as "play" (although if the command you are using takes some options with it, those are case sensitive).  Other than the upper or lower case, you must be sure to enter the command exactly as it is shown in the documentation, or it will not work correctly.  To disable these sounds (for use in a command file, for example), the command is "quiet".  To enable them again, the command is "verbose".

To find out about entering commands from within a specific game, visit that specific game's section of the documentation.