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The combat module handles all of the damage calculations and basically everything associated with combat.

By default, EQWatcher will report the amount of damage per second it calculated after each fight.

The combat module currently has 5 different preferences that can be set.  You can have EQWatcher speak the amount of damage done, or the amount of damage per second done after a fight (or both).  The third preference is the character you want EQWatcher to watch in combat.  The fourth preference is the "kills per hour" reporting time.  The fifth and final preference at this time is "archery mode", which when enabled will stop EQWatcher from watching the "You hit"s in favor of non-melee damage (because two messages are given, one must be ignored to report correct damage).

The commands to set these preferences are:

set combatant [name]

say dps [on/off]

say total [on/off]

set KPH interval [minutes]

archery mode [on/off]

Setting the KPH interval to 0 turns this feature off.  By default, every 60 minutes EQWatcher will report the number of kills in that hour.  If set to 20 minutes, EQWatcher will base the "kills per hour" on the number of mobs killed in that 20 minutes (basically it will report 3 times the number of mobs you killed, since there are 3*20 minutes in an hour).  You can set this to any number of minutes.

There is also a fair amount of other commands available through this module.  EQWatcher keeps track of accuracy, average hits, and total damage amounts for each damage type you do.  Damage types are as follows: slash, pierce, crush, punch, kick, backstab, bash, slam, strike, and nonmelee.  Obviously nonmelee never "miss" so there is no accuracy data for that, but it will still calculate average hits and total amounts.

The commands for hearing these are: "total [type] damage" "[type] average" "[type] accuracy"


total crush damage

slash average

pierce average

punch accuracy

kick accuracy

backstab average

To reset all combat information collected, the command is "reset combat".