EQWatcher Evolution > The Basics > Channels Module

The channels module handles all of the speech and sounds for chat channels. 

By default, EQWatcher will bark when you get a tell (and read it out loud if you have text-to-speech), bark on says, squeak on guild chat and group chat.  The other channels make no sound by default.

Each chat channel (tell, say, shout, ooc, auction, group, guild, chat) has a series of options that you may set.  They can make sounds whenever a message on that channel is seen (i.e. barking on tells), and read the message out loud.  When setting these options, make sure to use all lower case or EQWatcher will not recognize the command.  Please note that the "chat" channel refers to ALL numbered channels, collectively.

Recognized commands are "speech on" "speech off" "sound on" "sound off" "set sound 'sound.wav'", and must be preceded by the channel name.  Channel names are exactly as seen in the list above.  Here are some examples:

ooc sound off

tell speech off

auction set sound 'c:\windows\media\ding.wav'

group speech on

guild speech on

say sound off