EQWatcher Evolution > Anatomy > Priorities, Synchronous and Asynchronous Sounds

There are two types of sounds used in EQWatcher, synchronous and asynchronous.  Synchronous sounds are meant to play without being interrupted by another sound.  These are the sounds that, in general, you'd rather not miss (for example, if you want EQWA to tell you which direction you are heading you probably don't want it to get interrupted and say north instead of northwest).  Asynchronous sounds, on the other hand, are sounds that are allowed to be interrupted.  These are sounds that aren't so important (for example, a sound that plays when someone says something over guild chat).

Beginning in EQWatcher 1.50, priority levels were added to WAVE and Text-to-Speech sounds.  These types of sounds with higher priorities are played first.  EQWatcher recognizes 7 priority levels without using special scripting functions, 1-7 (these numbers do NOT correspond with the ones inside scripting).  1 being lowest priority, 4 being default/normal, and 7 being highest.  To make a particular sound use one of these priority levels, begin the "action text" with * and then the number -- for example "*7Hello" when used for Text-to-Speech will speak "Hello" with the highest possible priority.  Priority levels determine only the order of play for the sounds, not the ability to interrupt -- synchronous sounds that are currently playing will play all the way through, regardless of whether or not the sound just added has a higher priority.