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What are scripts?

Scripts are containers for all of the lovely features of EQWatcher Evolution.  Scripts handle timers, triggers, aliases, functions, variables, everything.

Scripts can be loaded from the scripts menu, by the "load script "[filename]"" command, or automatically by Script Management.  Scripts can be unloaded by the "unload script "[filename]"" command, automatically by Script Management, or from the scripts menu. 

Script files are very similar to .EXE files or .DLL's, they are full of compiled code designed for specific interpretation.  Since a compiler is used to create compressed (at least compared to the text files) data that the machine understands easily (yet to the human eye look like a bunch of jumbled characters), and most of the error correction needed is done by the compiling process, there is much less room for error in the compiled code.  Not to mention the interpreter itself does not need to go through gobs and gobs of possible texts for each command, it has a list of specific commands indexed by a number, and knows what to do for each command.  This way, the scripts can be much more complex and still be much faster and more efficient than their EQWatcher 1.76 counterparts (which are now known as Command Files).