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Built-in Ini file support is designed to make customizing EQWA much easier.

EQWatcher's Ini files look extremely similar to any other Ini file used by Windows, EQ, etc.  They are divided into sections, each containing some settings or information.  It looks something like (taken from eqclient.ini):


To make things easier, I color coded it.  The section name is seen in red, setting names (variables) in light blue, and the setting data in green. 

How Ini files are used by EQWatcher scripts is not consistent, but in general (note to script writers, this applies to RunINISection and ReadINI), lines that begin with #, ;, or / are considered commentary.  Lines that begin with . are considered aliases to execute.  Please note that this is dependent on how a particular script deals with a particular section of the file.  Not all will be the same, and in fact most will probably act different.

The main thing to learn here is that there are sections, defined by [Section], and lines for use in that section fall under the section header.  Scripts will look for specific sections, and likely ignore sections that they don't specifically look for, so making your own sections is probably not going to help much :)

Quick note to script writers, the setting names must be the exact name of a public variable when using ReadINI or RunINISection, or the variable will not be set.