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What are command files?

Command files are text files that contain a bunch of EQWatcher commands (i.e. the same exact thing you would do by typing /note say dps off, etc. within EQ.  They are mainly used for defining your initial setup -- preferences, sound triggers, etc.  These can be run from the File menu, or certain command files will be run automatically for you.

Command files have the extension .EWS.  STARTUP.EWS in your EQWatcher directory will automatically be run when EQWatcher Evolution is started, if it exists.  Please note that this file does not exist in the EQWA distribution, this means if you want to make any of these files you must create them yourself.

There are also command files automatically run for each character you play, both for when the character is starting to play, and when they have finished.  These files are [charname]_[servernumber]_BEGIN.EWS and [charname]_[servernumber]_END.EWS.  The charname and servernumber used by EQWatcher are identical to the ones seen in the filename of your log files.  If your logfile is "eqlog_spanky_01.txt" then you must be playing a character named Spanky on server number 01 (which incidentally is the test server).  Your character options files are also named similarly, the same character would be seen as "spanky_01.opt" (those files contain your hotkey and social choices).  EQWatcher of course does not play with character options files, I was just trying to help explain.  This character's files would be "spanky_01_begin.ews" and "spanky_01_end.ews".

Here is a sample of a startup command file:

loot other speech off
loot self speech off
tell speech on
say sound off
say zone time off
say dps off
say damage on
trigger TTS sync "root off" "Your Ensnaring Roots spell has worn off." Target unrooted

Here is an example of something that could be done in character command files:


trigger alias "my slow" "@trash@ yawns." timer TTS sync "my slow" 5:45 Target losing slow


trigger remove "my slow"

Notice that the trigger "my slow" creates a timer that says "Target losing slow" after 5 minutes and 45 seconds.  This is just an example, and may be copied for a variety of purposes (timing spawns, etc).