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All you really need to understand about aliases, without getting too in-depth, is that they are EQWatcher commands.  All commands you give EQWatcher through the notes file (for EverQuest), the Commands menu, or commands files, are aliases.

Each and every alias is defined in an EQWatcher Evolution script.  This freely allows you to make changes to the command itself, and what the command tells EQWatcher to do, not to mention the ability to add your own functionality.  This allows me to be lazy (well... somewhat) and sit back while people develop their own stuff to go along with, or even completely replace, what I have written.

There is a button on the main window to list all active aliases.  Depending on how much you know about EQWatcher Evolution, it might seem funny to see @ symbols in some of the aliases.  For the most part, you should be able to figure it out without much trouble.  If you want a list of every possible command you can currently use, this is the place to start.